Jan 16, 2008

Destructive Evolution: A New Blog

Having haphazardly written a blog in another location for the previous two years, this is the official beginning of the newest manifestation. Hopefully, the words forthcoming won't be considered a complete waste of keypunches for either the scribe or potential reader. Either way, they'll be words; and Google will track them until the Rapture, or Darwin selectively purges me from the gene pool, I'm re-reincarnated into a rat, and Christopher Hitchens dons the hijab. Or maybe death, confiscation of property, and Hannah Montana truly are the only inescapable subjugations of man. Enjoy.


Sarea said...

I can't even wait to read your blogs again! I have missed them immensely!

Thanks for giving me the 'heads up' . . .oh, and I am loving the diversity of 'tags' that applied to this entry!!

Cass said...

Does this mean you are leaving Myspace? :-) Are you and the group still planning on coming out to ski? I will be in Mexico from the 18th to the 24th, so hopefully it's not during that time!!

Keep in touch man...I miss ya!

flik1970 said...

Damn it! I wrote a comment, then had to sign up, and the comment was lost.

So you get no comment.

Good to hear from you buddy!